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Feeding and Supplements Guide

Feeding Guide for Active Dogs

Feeding energetic dogs goes beyond simply filling their bowls with food. These dogs, like those who frequently join their owners for trail runs, have specific caloric and nutritional requirements that differ significantly from those of dogs who enjoy leisurely park strolls.

Understanding the basics of proper dog nutrition doesn't require a PhD. Here are some essential tips for feeding your dog, as recommended by research scientists from a renowned Pet Health and Nutrition Center.

Start by assessing your dog's body condition and weight:

  • Rib Check: You should be able to feel your dog's ribs easily when your hand is flat against his rib cage. If you need to press in to feel the ribs, your dog might be overweight. However, if the ribs are visible, he might be underweight, although breeds like greyhounds and English pointers naturally appear leaner.
  • Waist Check: A healthy dog should have a noticeable abdominal tuck where the chest ends and the hips begin. A straight line from the bottom of the chest may indicate that your dog is overweight, while a pronounced hollow suggests underweight.
  • Hip Check: Visible hip bones are a sign your dog is too thin; noticeable bulges may mean he is overweight.

If your dog is overweight, it's advisable to consult with your veterinarian on how to achieve a healthy weight.

Calculating your dog's daily caloric intake involves a two-step mathematical formula:

  1. Convert your dog's weight from pounds to kilograms by dividing by 2.2.
  2. Multiply the resulting weight in kilograms to the power of 0.75 and then by 70.

For example, a dog weighing 44 pounds:

  • Weighs about 20 kilograms (44 pounds / 2.2).
  • Requires approximately 662 kilocalories per day (20kg to the 0.75 power x 70).

When calculating these figures, a calculator with an xy function will be helpful.

Adjust your dog's caloric intake based on his activity level:

  • Light activity: Multiply the base caloric need by 2.
  • Moderate activity: Multiply by 3.
  • Heavy activity: Multiply by up to 6.

For instance, a 44-pound dog might need between 1,324 and 3,972 calories per day, depending on the intensity of their activities.

To determine how many cups of food to feed your dog, divide his daily caloric requirement by the number of calories per cup indicated on the food's label. Remember to account for any treats, which should not exceed 10% of the total daily caloric intake.

Active dogs thrive on a diet specifically formulated to meet the high demands of their lifestyle, which includes an optimal blend of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Different activities require different energy sources:

  • Sprinting activities, such as fetching a disc or running an agility course, demand more carbohydrates for quick energy.
  • Longer, more aerobic activities, like trail running, are better supported by diets higher in fats for sustained energy.

By aligning your dog's diet with his energy needs, you're providing the fuel he requires to perform optimally. Highly active dogs should be fed twice daily, with the first meal given at least three hours before intense physical activity and the second at least two hours after to ensure proper digestion and cooling down.

This approach to feeding ensures that your dog is not only well-fed but also receives the right nutrition to excel in every outdoor adventure.


Why Consider Supplements for an Active Dog?

  1. Complete Nutrition: Even well-formulated dog foods might not cater to every specific need of highly active dogs. Supplements can help fill nutritional gaps.
  2. Targeted Support: Supplements can be tailored to support specific aspects of your dog's health, such as joint health, muscle recovery, and digestive health.
  3. Enhanced Performance and Recovery: Certain supplements are designed to enhance performance and aid in faster recovery after intense physical activities.


Recommended Supplements for Active Dogs by Bestia Dog Sport:

  • 10in1 Multi Vitamins: This comprehensive supplement provides a spectrum of essential vitamins and minerals to support overall health and vitality. It ensures your dog maintains a robust immune system, healthy skin, and coat, and receives vital nutrients that might be missing from their regular diet.

  • DS+ "Digestive Support": Active dogs can benefit greatly from enhanced digestive support to ensure they absorb and utilize nutrients efficiently. This supplement helps maintain a healthy digestive tract, which is crucial for converting food into energy quickly and effectively.

  • "Muscle Gain": For dogs involved in activities that require strength, such as weight pulling or agility training, muscle support is vital. This supplement is designed to aid in muscle growth and repair, helping your dog build lean muscle mass and recover more rapidly from exercise.

  • "Relax": After intense workouts, it's important for dogs to calm down and recover. The "Relax" supplement helps soothe and relax your dog, promoting better sleep and recovery by reducing stress and anxiety levels post-exercise.

By incorporating these supplements into your active dog’s diet, you not only boost their daily nutrient intake but also enhance their physical and mental well-being, helping them to perform at their best and recover more effectively.

Bestia Dog Sport Supplement Formulas for Active Dogs

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BDS 10 in 1 Dog Food Supplement - Bestia Dog Sport
BDS 10 in 1 Dog Food Supplement - Bestia Dog Sport
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BDS DS+ Dog Food Supplement - Bestia Dog Sport
BDS DS+ Dog Food Supplement - Bestia Dog Sport

BDS DS+ Dog Food Supplement

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BDS Muscle Gain Dog Food Supplement - Bestia Dog Sport
BDS Muscle Gain Dog Food Supplement - Bestia Dog Sport
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BDS Relax Dog Food Supplement - Bestia Dog Sport

BDS Relax Dog Food Supplement

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